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[1.24 GB] FHD – Training By Trample – Goddess Rapture (1080×1920)

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14:08 min Full Video – Training By Trample Leaked Video Goddess Agatha Delicious heard that a slave was bad mouthing her to other people. She decides to act quickly to correct this big mouthed slave. After locking him in the closet for some time, she allows him to crawl out and kneel before her, as she sits on her throne. Her boots are covered in desert dust from a previous photo shoot, and so the training begins. The slave is told he is not allowed to make one peep the entire session. At first, all is fine as he follows her commands and licks the dirt from both of her boots. It doesn’t take long for him to utter a word, which enrages Agatha. She make shim lay down on the floor and begins to trample him with her sharp heeled boots. She digs her heels into his stomach, stands on his face, and tramples his cock. It seems that her slave has finally learned his lesson to his Goddesses satisfaction, and she allows him to crawl back into the closet. – Goddess Rapture Leaks Free Download