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[1.44 GB] FHD – Lazy Husband Becomes Mindless Drone Pt1 – Pastel Goddess (1080×1920)

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20:15 min Full Video – Lazy Husband Becomes Mindless Drone Pt1 Leaked Video My husband is such a lazy, reprehensible man. He uses me for a quick fuck without even bothering to let me cum. He never helps out with laundry or dishes. And he just expects me to be at his beck and call whenever he needs anything. He’ll be gaming with “the boys” and just bark out and order at me. Frankly I’m sick of it! I ordered these nanobots online that are supposed to turn my deadbeat husband into a perfect obedient drone for me. So the next time he makes me bring him a beverage, I slipped them into it and let him enjoy!

It doesn’t take long before he gets woozy and unable to continue playing his game. He asks what’s happening to him so I spill the beans on my plan. At this point, he is falling under my spell too heavily to put up any resistance. I take the controller out of his hands and encourage him to have more. I reveal my intentions and open up about how hurtful his behavior has been for me lately, and that all changes today!

The first thing I want to do with him is make him actually gave me an orgasm and service my needs for a change. 7 minutes in, I make him bring ME a beverage, then kick him to the floor and make him lick my pussy. It’s so much better having an obedient husband! I haven’t felt like this in ages! I get really worked up from all the attention I’m getting – I could really get used to this! I go for another 5 minutes enjoying myself before pulling out a nice long face dildo for the drone to affix to his face.

I hold it up next to his cock to show him the size comparison. I tell him that as a mindless drone, he will never get to fuck me again. He is simply a toy that I will modify for my needs. I strap the dildo over his mouth and he puts it inside me. It feels soo much better than any of the sex he ever gave me before. This was absolutely the right decision. After a few minutes, I turn around and make him ram me with it from behind. It goes so deep from here. I finally cum right on the drone’s face. The first orgasm he has ever given a woman!

Then I take the dildo off his face and give him something even more appropriate for such a lowly miserable man: my dirty asshole. Stay tuned for part 2! – Pastel Goddess Leaks Free Download