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[1.59 GB] FHD – Magical Transformation: Monkeying Around – TheTabithaJane (1152×2048)

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06:58 min Full Video – Magical Transformation: Monkeying Around Leaked Video My boyfriend has been trying really hard to be athletic and I’ve been practicing witch craft. Although they sound like different goals, I ask him if I can try out a spell on him to make him more athletic and he agrees!
I say an incantation from my book but…. it doesn’t go well…
He gets transformed into to something much more primitive. I apologize and go to look for a solution on his phone. That’s when I see the truth- He’s been flirting with my friend behind my back! I decide to text her back, pretending to be him. I invite her over to see what he’s become! While I await his humiliation, tease him myself.
I tell him about the life he had versus what he will be now as my pet. Wearing outfits, learning tricks and living in a cage. I decide to even go pick one up now while we wait, magically popping up a leash for him. He protests the whole time with primate squeals and sounds, but he has to over if he ever wants to be human again. Maybe if he’s a good boy I’ll turn him back…eventually…

Shot POV, sound affects and special light effects – TheTabithaJane Leaks Free Download