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16:10 min Full Video – Good Puppy Leaked Video Come here, puppy! Are you *my* good boy? Are you my obedient pet? Let’s see if you are. Sit, puppers. Kneel. Stay…now sniff my crotch. Bark for me. Wag your tail. What a good boy! I think you deserve a treat. A good boy reward.

As your reward, I’m going to teach you a new trick. Go fetch your pillow. Bring it to me with your tail wagging and drop it down on the ground, right at my feet. What’s my puppy’s favorite thing to do? To hump and hump and hump. I know my puppy gets VERY excited sometimes, don’t you? Of course you do! That’s okay. All doggies do. That’s why your owner Natasha is here to show you how to cum like a good puppy should. 

Hump, puppy! Sniff my crotch and hump, hump, hump. Give my butt a little lick, and hump harder. You’re going to make a BIG mess onto that pillow…and then I’m going to teach my good puppy boy how to clean it all up. You’re going to learn so many tricks to please me today.

What a good puppy! – Natashas Bedroom Leaks Free Download