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[264.68 MB] FHD – Good Boy Trance – Candy Glitter (1080×1920)

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08:39 min Full Video – Good Boy Trance Leaked Video This clip will completely melt your mind. It includes a trance spiral and binaural beats. Best enjoyed in a dark room with headphones.

You probably think you’re a good boy. You think you’re sufficiently submissive. You think you serve your princess to a satisfactory level. And maybe you do. But no matter how well you serve me, there’s always potential to go deeper. I want to reprogram you. I want to alter your brain to make you a more useful puppet. I want to wipe your mind clean of everything that isn’t femdom. I want to convert your consciousness into a blank slate. If you’ve already undergone some of my slave training, then this is an excellent way to supplement your obedience programming. If you’re a fledgling slave, then this is the perfect way to begin your transformation. Stare into my eyes. Remove all distractions. Focus on me and enter the good boy trance. – Candy Glitter Leaks Free Download