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[159.89 MB] FHD – Dominating You And You Girlfriend – Candy Glitter (1080×1920)

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06:32 min Full Video – Dominating You And You Girlfriend Leaked Video Your girlfriend is inferior. Your girlfriend won’t and can’t dominate you the way that I can. She can’t dominate you at all, because she’s a little sub just like you. She can’t give you what you want, so you have to go behind her back and get dominated by your Princess. In fact, going behind her back makes it even hotter for you. You love sneaking around and being my secret little sub. But I’ve decided I want to change things. Your girlfriend has needs too, and you’re sure as fuck not going to fill them. She’s a sub just like you, and she needs to be dominated as well. Since you could never dream of being dominant over a woman, I’ve decided that I’m going to domme both of you. You and your girlfriend are both going to be my little submissive sluts. If she’s a really good girl, I’ll let her lick my pussy. If you’re a really good bitch, I’ll let you watch. – Candy Glitter Leaks Free Download