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[687.27 MB] HD – Mistress rewards slave with “GN” enema – OurFetishLife (720×1280)

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09:52 min Full Video – Mistress rewards slave with “GN” enema Leaked Video ATTENTION! There is no audio track in the video at all !!! So. Mistress pampers her servant with an enema from her own warm and fresh golden nectar. Mistress beautiful #bbw woman. Mistress is wearing chic underwear and stockings. She puts on latex gloves and proceeds to the procedure. Turning away from her slave, she takes a measuring glass and substitutes it under her shaved pussy. The measuring cup is already full. Lush Mistress pours golden nectar from a measuring glass into an enema bag. The slave, in anticipation of the procedure, jerks his penis properly. He is waiting. Mistress inserts the enema nozzle into the servant’s anus and starts pouring her golden nectar into it. The slave is not satisfied with such a small pressure of golden nectar in his enema. He independently raises the enema bag over his head and golden nectar begins to flow more intensively into his rectum. Mistress at this time jerks off her slave. The procedure is over. Enema bag is empty! #enema #bbw #mistress (without sound) – OurFetishLife Leaks Free Download