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[1.72 GB] FHD – Taste of Torment – Empress Jennifer (1080×1920)

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16:56 min Full Video – Taste of Torment Leaked Video You sit opposite to me at a table, Your bare arms crossed on the table. You say that everything is going so well since i became Your slave. i am now wearing a chastity cage and that makes me so obedient and useful. Then You get very seirous. You came across my phone yesterday and found a clip in which i made a beggar-woman eat a spoonfull of dogfood for 5 dollars. That is so inhuman and disgusting. i say that was a bet too. But You tell me to shut up. You’re gonna make me taste my own medicine. With a smile You bring up a can of wet dogfood and a plate with a spoon from under the table.You laugh as i realize what You are planning. You say that i look very hungry. You bet that i can eat a whole can of wet dogfood – or You will flush the keys to my chatstity device down the toilet. With an evil smile You empty the can on the plate. It smells awfull. You shove the spoon and the plate towards me and order me to start eating while You take pictures with Your phone. You shout at me that i don’t dare to throw up and advice me to smile and eat faster.. Your face changes between beeing amused and disgusted. You run out of patience as i take to long so You grab the spoon and start feeding me. Please bring Your adorable arms a few times close to the camera (as You take pictures and feed me). Feel free to add Your own ideas and be quite sadistic. – Empress Jennifer Leaks Free Download