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[808.65 MB] FHD – Human turned to pig for being disgusting – TheTabithaJane (1080×1920)

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11:03 min Full Video – Human turned to pig for being disgusting Leaked Video I try to approach you, my bf, about your recent weight gain and lack of self care. Instead of hering me out, you get defensive and aggressive, leading to you calling me a bitch. Infuriated, I try to argue and get a better idea. I tell you to kiss me and make up, What you don’t know is i’ve hidden being a with and use my powers to turn you into a pig. You instantly find yourself looking up at me and discover your new form! You’re mortified and I freeze you in place to keep you from running away. Since you wanted to be mean, I take this time to tell you the cold hard truth about you being a disgusting pig lately and how this form is much more fitting. I tell you lost priveledges of being my partner- no more laying in my bed. Instead, you’re my at ugly pet pig and I describe your new life. You shouldv’e known better than to be rude to me, especially me being as hot as I was to begin with. – TheTabithaJane Leaks Free Download