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17:47 min Full Video – Losing Time – Star Nine Mobile Leaked Video your nylon leg fixation takes over your entire consciousness as you jump from scene to scene, missing time.

There’s an important project at work that could result in a huge bonus and you’ve been teamed up with Star Nine. She sits seductively on your desk as you discuss it. As the conversation continues, your eyes get stuck on her shiny nylon legs until suddenly she’s approaching you from behind. How much time has passed, wasn’t she just sitting on your desk pumping those beautiful nylon legs?

you try to snap out of it, she’s talking about dinner plans that you apparently made. She’s changed her outfit, how much time did you lose?

At dinner she refers to an agreement that you’ve made. you have no idea what she’s talking about but you nod and pretend to know all about it. Her legs move playfully under the table.

Suddenly you’re in bed, she’s above you in a sexy bodysuit. Do you know where you are? She’s tying you up with pantyhose, just some light bondage. Then gagging you, teasing you with her long nylon legs. you have no idea how you got here, but you love where this is going. Do you know where this is going? What agreements have you made?

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, mind fuck, office domination
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