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[573.71 MB] FHD – Blackmailed-fantasy by Your Ex – Goddess Harley LaVey (1080×1920)

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17:51 min Full Video – Blackmailed-fantasy by Your Ex Leaked Video I’m your Ex who has shown up at your place telling you that I urgently need to talk with you. I start by telling you about how when we were together I had some questions about you… As our relationship went on our sex became more and more “adventurous”. It casually started one night with you asking me to put a finger in your ass, which escalated to multiple nights, then two fingers, then… a break up. After the split, I started dating other men, having fun, having sex and so on. And you… you haven’t seen any girls… literally, not one. Which got me wondering, why not? Could you be… gay? Does everyone know except me? Your friends, your ****? You start to get so defensive. To which I ask what the problem is. Don’t people know this about you? I mean I talk to all of my friends about sex, don’t yours know what you like? At this point you are freaking out, and I start to laugh pulling out a phone on which I have been recording. I tell you that I don’t want much from you, just proof. I turn to the door and call in a male esc*rt which I have hired, and make you a deal. You fuck him, or I send that memo to everyone. If you cum while you’re sucking him off or being fucked–you’re gay, if you don’t… then oops! – Goddess Harley LaVey Leaks Free Download