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[131.19 MB] FHD – It’s Not Evil, It’s Necessary – GoddessJessiBelle (1080×1920)

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07:35 min Full Video – It’s Not Evil, It’s Necessary Leaked Video You might think that it is evil, so cruel the way I encourage you, get you to feel so good about yourself then tear you down. It isn’t evil or cruel, it is NECESSARY. I build you up so you feel good about yourself, then tear you down so you don’t feel TOO good. Doesn’t that sound so mean? I am not being mean, you need this.

What happens when you are a nasty loser that has more confidence and ego than you should? You start making bad decisions! You try to talk to women that have to deal with you, this fucking creep. You NEED me to hurt you and tear you to shreds. To believe that there is no escape. I am doing the world a favor, more specifically I am doing WOMEN a favor. I am saving them from you.

Confidence is bad for a loser like you. You should never make decisions for yourself. You should only do as you’re told by me, a strong dominant woman that clearly knows better than you do!

It is a bit fun though, to let you feel a little confidence. To build you up, ever so slightly so that I can tear you back down and bring you back to reality. Thank me for it. I am not sitting here sugarcoating things, I am telling you the true you NEED to hear! – GoddessJessiBelle Leaks Free Download