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11:15 min Full Video – The Boss’ Girl Chrissy Marie Star Nine Leaked Video MOBILE VERSION.
Star Nine approaches her boss, Chrissy Marie, for a raise. Chrissy is happy to accommodate, but she does have some very strange (and humiliating) conditions.

First Chrissy has Star agree to always follow the company dress code of wearing pantyhose (which she does), and also to always wear red toenail polish. Star agrees & Chrissy asks her to prove it. Star frowns and steps out of her high heels, showing Chrissy her red nail polish and pantyhose feet.

Next Chrissy instructs Star that she must admit to being “her girl” and always do what she asks. Star finds this humiliating, but she does really need the money so she agrees, having no idea where Chrissy might be going with this.

Finally Chrissy orders Star to her knees and has her begin polishing her high heels with her fingers. As Star reluctantly obeys, Chrissy begins to dangle her high heels and lets Star know that if her heel were to fall, Star would have to pick it up and sniff it Star balks at this & begs Chrissy not to let her heel fall, Chrissy reminds her of their agreement.

Of course the heel falls and Star winces as she audibly sniffs the worn high heel. Chrissy also rubs her stinky nylon foot all over Star’s face before repeating the whole process on the other foot.

When she’s finished Chrissy details the humiliating tasks that await “her girl” tomorrow.

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