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13:51 min Full Video – How To Be The Perfect Sub 1080p Leaked Video Seems you need some guidance and tips on how to be the perfect sub, so many of you struggle with this! You’ve seen the Mistress/Domme/Princess you’re interested in but you’re clueless about so many things – the difference between serving and a transaction, not knowing how to approach her, not even knowing what you’re into yourself and so on… (Are you that “I’d do anything Mistress” type of guy?!) Well today I’m giving you some of My thoughts and opinions, plus tips to take on board not only if you’re interested in serving Me but whichever Femdom you’re interested in, don’t forget we’re all different so this is general guidance, mostly common sense that for most of you goes out the window as it seems you can’t think when your dick is hard! Well pay attention to Me today, it will help you along into submission! – Dominant Princess Leaks Free Download