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39:58 min Full Video – CUCCUBUS Leaked Video Yetti is a succubus who works as a stripper and feeds off of the sexual energies of men, but she’s found a way to gain power that exceeds the traditional feeding patterns of a normal succubus. Seducing with the sounds and movements of her feet in stripper heels, Yetti gets men to follow her to VIP. There, Yetti pees into a bottle and tricks them into partying. Once done, they become Yetti’s slave. You are Yetti’s next victim. Yetti gets you to sniff and worship her feet in heels. Breathing into Yetti’s soles strengthens the magic spell her pee has over you.

As Yetti’s slave she cuckolds you- you never get to have sex with her, only watch. Instead, Yetti selects virile young men with big dicks and big balls who are known to cum large loads. Yetti fucks them while you have to sit there and watch on lust and magic pee which Yetti occasionally “tops you up” with. Then with you good and horny, denied and unsatisfied, Yetti lets her lovers cum inside her. (Cum lube used in video) When they’re done Yetti makes you clean up the creampie. Yetti talks about the details, how it felt to have more than an ounce of cum squirted into her, how sad it is that you can’t have her, Yetti teases you and makes fun of your dick a little reminding you that your place is at her feet, and as her cleanup slave.

Then, when you have consumed the sexual essence Yetti has harvested combined with your cuckold lust- Yetti lets you jerk off while looking at her feet and heels and instructs you to cum into a glass and down it.

Yetti goes into detail once again about all the sex you won’t get to have with her. However, as a consolation, she will let you have sex with her just once or twice per year, for special occasions like your birthday or Christmas, but only if you wear a condom and only in missionary with her laying there doing nothing mockingly smiling at you and joking about how sexually inadequate you are and how you will never last more than a minute before you prematurely cum.

As cover for the human world, eventually you will marry Yetti, but she will always have a boyfriend or lover living with us while you cater to her every need. Yetti will sample all kinds of men: athletes, struggling artists, singers, actors, entrepreneurs… and in turn, you will have to eat their cum from Yetti’s pussy in the process… She promises you, in a mischievous and smiling tone how as your wife she will “Cheat on you any chance she gets and how lucky you are to have the privilege.” To avoid you getting too disobedient, Yetti will make sure you have your pee direct from the source any time you get the urge, just to make sure you stay under her spell. She will play tricks on you with all your beverages.

Yetti will have a throne room in the mansion- and you’ll have to lay under her feet while she uses your face as a footstool and ignores you. The other succubi in the supernatural community will be so envious of her. – Iamyetti Leaks Free Download