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[502.05 MB] HD – Whitney Morgan: Your New Life As A Beta – MissWhitneyMorgan (720×1280)

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09:12 min Full Video – Whitney Morgan: Your New Life As A Beta Leaked Video Welcome! Welcome to your new life as a beta! It seems the only girl dumb enough to date you has finally left you, and you come crawling to Miss Whitney Morgan for advice, to grovel, to sulk. But she’ll only HUMILIATE you, remind you that you at least were lucky enough to have one girl in your life, but she’s left you after realizing what a true loser you really are. Now, you know and understand you are nothing but a second class citizen, a loser, a beta bitch boy only in existance to be used, humiliated, and dominated. You’ll live life locked in chastity, in a cage at Miss Whitney Morgan’s bedside, only to be released to serve. From worshipping feet to being on clean up duty. Your new life, as a beta slave.

Includes: humiliation, femdom, servitude, pov, high heels, dangling, female domination, beta, loser, red lips, blonde, mean, bratty, training, chastity, cage, key holder, humiliating you. – MissWhitneyMorgan Leaks Free Download