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[1005.36 MB] FHD – Your Blackmail-Fantasy Programme – LexiLuxe (1080×1920)

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40:57 min Full Video – Your Blackmail-Fantasy Programme Leaked Video My most erotic, intense, manipulative and of course, SEXY bläckmail series, I have EVER done.

PART 1 “Your Blackmail-Fantasy Addiction” – You wanted this. You craved this. Now it’s time that you make that step into the addiction that you have OBSESSED over for the longest time. Will you make that sacrifice for Goddess? Or will it remain a mere fantasy that will never develop into Goddesses Ultimate Control?do you have the balls to fulfil your Ultimate Addiction? We shall see?

PART 2 “Your Blackmail-Fantasy Addiction: Easing In The Beginner” – You have been fantasising over bläckmail for quite some time but the fear of being thrown into the deep end, completely terrifies you, doesn’t it? I know I make you nervous but that unsettled feeling you have in the pit of your stomach, gives you a deep, erotic feeling. It makes your cock completely hard, knowing I have that much power over you. But have no fear little slave, Goddess has laid out a simple training task for the perfect beginner. It is not to be missed.

PART 3 “Blackmail-Fantasy: Risky Desire” – This risky fetish you have is the only thing that makes your cock incredibly hard, isn’t it slave? Nothing thrills you like the possibilities of being Bläckmailed by Me. So many of you have begged me to make a Bläckmail clip, something that can give you the ability to partake in something HOT!! Ultimately, we will take your Fantasy and make it a REALITY. After all slave, this is YOUR FANTASY, I am just making this simply more interesting…not just for you….but for me also. Are you ready to take your ultimate RISKY DESIRE to another level?!? Are you ready to partake in a THRILLING yet HEART POUNDING game? Your cock will never pump & explode so hard ever again.

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