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[1.27 GB] FHD – Wear My Fart Mask – TheTabithaJane (1080×1920)

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08:41 min Full Video – Wear My Fart Mask Leaked Video I know it’s been hard for you having to wear masks, because now you can’t smell farts when you’re out in public. And you love smelly, stinky farts and being overwhelmed by them when you’re out. So, to encourage you to keep wearing your masks as you should be, I reward you by offering to fart into yours. In exchange for your devotion, I’ll be putting one of my most rank farts into your mask. It’s silent, sure, but it’s one that will linger and last. You know the saying… “silent but dea***” I tease you, showing you my sexy ass filled with flatulence. My gas will be extra smelly today. I’ve been eating lots of, chickpes and beans as well as spices and dairy. The perfect concoction for all you crave. After all, sexy women produce the stinkist and silent farts. We walk around making the most fou stenches, and nobody suspects us because it’s discreet in sound and we are so hot, they think we could never make that nasty scent. I have you remove your mask and ready my body to release my flatulation. Finally, I release my scent, showing you up close as I put my bare asshole up to the fabric. I put the mask back on you and marvel how hard you get immediately. I tell you to wear this all the time when you’re out while smelling me. It’s everything you could want and it’s sure to last a while. I dismiss you to go about your day, trying not to cum. I have some chili to go cook and eat… – TheTabithaJane Leaks Free Download