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04:24 min Full Video – Witch trample Leaked Video My neighbor is an arrogant asshole. I was sitting at home when he was hitting my door like crazy. He came in and he called me the b word saying I always park behind his car and he cant leave because of me. He was pretty agressive, he didnt know that I have witch power. I stood up and I started to him with my magic power and I made him numb so he couldnt talk and move. After I took him down I decided that I will make him be my serveant. I humiliated and tormented him by slapping his patethic face. He cant quit anymore I control him from now on.

After I punished him and humiliated him a torment him some more. I trample on his body, stand on his face and slap his face with my feet. I love that he has no control over it… – Zia_regal Leaks Free Download