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[1.92 GB] FHD – Witch Gives You Foot Fetish – TheTabithaJane (1080×1920)

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13:05 min Full Video – Witch Gives You Foot Fetish Leaked Video Welcome to my lair mortal. Now now, I freeze you in place and explain to you why you’re here. I’m a sexy witch who likes toying with humans you see. Toy with them how? Well, I love sexually playing with humans… but don’t get too excited because the way I like to sexually play with humans is by giving them all sorts of dirty, naughty kinks with my magic. You don’t believe I’m a witch at first, so I show you I am by practicng magical body control on you, incuding zapping you naked and having you stroke your cock. You have to admit, it is magic indeed… which means…. you gulp as I laugh and think of new things I could make you aroused by. Really, I could choose to give you any fetish or kink…. I decide on feet! You’re not excited about this, and you all me a bitch so I make it even worse- not just any feet will turn you on… but it’ll be stink, smelly, sweaty feet. Now all summer you’ll be hard. Any time you’re at the gym. or any time you see a coworker pop her shoes off… you’ll be planning the next tim you can jerk off thinking about them. I have fun knowing we will bw solifying this. I describe the new kink you’ll have as you stroke and get yourself hornier by the secomd. You can’t fight against my magaic, and soon enough you succumb to the idea of indeed being into those dirty, sweaty feet afterall. I even use my feet to tease you as you jerk. The real time desire of having me in front of you as you jerk gives you arousal you’ve never felt so strngly before. I even make you suck a toe, lick my frrt and jam my toes in your mouth. You love each action despite your desires. I put my feet on your face and have you cum for me a you’re taking deep breaths of vile foot stench. I allow you to stop stroking and I humiliate you as I send you back to the human realm with this new fetish. How fun for me! – TheTabithaJane Leaks Free Download