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[1.06 GB] FHD – Ballbusting His Fortune Cookie – Goddess Rapture (1080×1920)

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09:47 min Full Video – Ballbusting His Fortune Cookie Leaked Video A starving MJ is excited when the Chinese food delivery guy shows up. As she lets him in her house to give her the food, she notices he isn’t wearing any pants. When she asks him about it, the creepy delivery guy says he’s sans pants because he wanted to offer him his “fortune cookie.” Hungry or not, MJ wants no part of that, and a swift kick to his dick lets him know so. He’s a persistent little fucker, and continues his unwanted sexual advances. To make her point clear, MJ destroys his cock & balls for the next 10 minutes. Wearing her boots, she has him stand in all sorts of positions while kicks him full strength. Each kick drops him to his knees, and the thuds can be heard by the neighbors outside. By the end, the creepy delivery guy’s fortune cookie has been reduced to crumbs. – Goddess Rapture Leaks Free Download