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[1.02 GB] FHD – Taking With No Remorse – Emma Lux (1080×1920)

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07:16 min Full Video – Taking With No Remorse Leaked Video Paying me is the only option. You need to pay. My body triggers you into opening your wallet. I don’t even have to do anything and you feel the strong need to pay me. You pay me for being perfect, you pay me for existing, you pay me just because. Mmmmm contributing to my wealth is your new fetish. You love seeing a sexy, hot brat like me win at life. You love how easily I bribe you into handing over all of your savings. It’s so hot how I haver zero concern for you or your wellbeing. All I care about is that giant amount of cash you’re sending me. You honestly deserve to be taken advantage of; you get to lay eyes on my perfect Princess body…not all men are that lucky. Payment is required to even glance at this gorgeous figure. The amount of power I have over you, your wallet, and your cock is scary…but also sexy 😉

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