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[1.32 GB] FHD – HUMILIATION TASKS FOR BREAKFAST – Faith Eros (1080×1920)

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20:46 min Full Video – HUMILIATION TASKS FOR BREAKFAST Leaked Video GOOD MORNING, LOSER! GOOD MORNING!! I’m so happy you decided not to SKIP on your BREAKFAST. You perfectly know it that all your breakfasts are SPECIAL. Instead of being CATERED – you cater to me. Your pathetic loser ass GETS UP from bed in the morning ONLY because you HAVE TO SERVE me! MONEY serving is not ENOUGH for me – you have to DEGRADE yourself and show me what a DIRTY PIG you are. Make this OINK sound for me – PROVE me your LOYALTY! No, you can’t have PORK for breakfast. All your breakfasts have to be light. Go and wash your FILTHY FACE! Don’t touch this tap – it’s not made for PIGS. You have to DIP your face deep down into the TOILET to clean it! Wanna dr*nk? Well, pigs dr*nk the same WATER in which they BATHED themselves. 

So BITCH BOY of mine – are you READY to JUMP into this MORNING? 

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