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[307.16 MB] FHD – YOU WILL BE OUR ASHTRAY – Mistress Johanna (1080×1920)

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09:14 min Full Video – YOU WILL BE OUR ASHTRAY Leaked Video My friend, Mrs. Luna and I, will have a glass of champagne and smoke a cigarette. The mouth of a slave will serve as an ashtray. It is a pleasure to have a submissive man, willing to swallow the ash, to inhale the smoke we expel. You know that you are inferior to us and we remind you that, while we spit in your mouth, you humble yourself even more. You’re a worm, that’s why you’ll swallow our waste, stupid! You have always wanted to be treated like this, you love that they do it, and in this case even more, two ruthless ladies give you your deserved. Our contempt is a reward for you … – Mistress Johanna Leaks Free Download