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[1.36 GB] FHD – Impregnating your Ex-Girlfriend – Auriella Faen (1080×1920)

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18:32 min Full Video – Impregnating your Ex-Girlfriend Leaked Video Out of the blue, your ex-girlfriend shows up at your front door, begging you for help. A pipe burst in her house and soaked everything. Now she’s desperate for a place to stay! She knows you have a girlfriend and she promises to be on her best behavior if you’ll just let her stay.

You agree, and she comes inside to sit on your couch and catch up a bit. But it’s really hot and she leans back, her dress pulling up to reveal her bare pussy – no panties. You’re starting to wonder if she’s teasing you on purpose! But you know you shouldn’t be checking her out or staring at your ex’s pussy while your girlfriend isn’t home. Your ex says that if you were to play with her, she wouldn’t tell and it would be a secret.

She wanders off to go freshen up, and you spy on her for several minutes as she lies fully naked on the guest bed. You watch her ass and feet sway in the air, becoming more tempted by the minute, seeing flashes of her naked pussy and asshole. Caught!

She finally turns and catches you staring at her naked body. She convinces you to take your cock out and slide it between her ass cheeks, just inches from her bare pussy. She remembers how you made her always use condoms when you fucked before, and how dangerous it would be if you were to cum now and how she would finger your cum into her pussy.

And then she’s on top of you, sliding her soaking wet pussy along your hard dick, begging you to fuck her raw. The risk of impregnating her and being caught by your girlfriend is high…but oh so good.

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