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[269.87 MB] FHD – Incel Tactics and Motivations – Brandon Areana (1080×1920)

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The only thing more pathetic and vile than a disgusting little incel are the women that claim to love them. Over the last few years, thanks in part to that red-wave, dumb bimbos have been flocking to these revolting little losers. Incels aren’t as stupid as they often come across, they are actually rather manipulative and clever especially when it comes to feeding their pathetic little desires for humiliation and being put in their place by the superior hot girl they could never have! Incels understand that their little habits and needs are expensive,. They understand that if they want to play those wicked femdom and findom games, they must be able to pay and obey. Smart Incels (I know how funny it is to even use that term) realize that divorce is expensive. Imagine all that you have to give up, all you would lose if you those support payments kick in. If those papers are finalized. You want to pay MY rent, not your dumpy ass soon to be ex-wive’s. You want to keep giving me designer bags and presents and paying for my expensive trips, not paying support to those little ones that aren’t even yours!!! I see right through your tactics and can’t even muster the pity for the women who love these incel losers. I could never care about you, incel. I only want to see you self destruct and make me even more rich while I watch your worlds collide and continue to fall apart. You will entertain me with your misery, loser.

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