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[1.07 GB] FHD – Easily Trapped – Emma Lux (1080×1920)

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07:37 min Full Video – Easily Trapped Leaked Video The view doesn’t get any better. You’re such a lucky boy to have me standing before you. I’m your dream woman…your every desire. When you buy my clips and take me in, you melt. You melt into a completely helpless puddle…all for me. With each clip, you’re becoming more and more addicted. You need me. I’m completely unattainable, but you need more. I’m so far out of your league and you know it, yet you are hooked and keep purchasing clips just hoping for an ounce of attention from me. My traits are mesmerizing….you’re so easy to manipulate in this state of mind. Worshipping me is better than fucking, it’s better than anything you’ve ever experienced. You new job title is being Princess Emma’s simp. Fall into a downward spiral of addiction. You’re welcome 😉 – Emma Lux Leaks Free Download