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[816.52 MB] FHD – Witch Shrinks And Humiliates You – TheTabithaJane (1080×1920)

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05:32 min Full Video – Witch Shrinks And Humiliates You Leaked Video I zap you up into my house magically. You’re confused, but I explain you’re here because I’m a witch and I wanted to have a little chit-chat. See, earlier I was driving and you swerved in front of me in traffic. Needless to say, I was not amused. I decided that once I was done with my day, I would come home and do this. I freeze your hands and feet in place, but allow you to move your head to respond. I ask you if you’re sorry yet. You shake your head no! Ballsy, but not bright, are you? I tell you I know men of your type. You drive around in your cars and trucks acting all big because inside you’re feeling small. It’s overcompensation for emotional fagility. You shake your head no that it’s not it, but I know it’s true. So, I do the logical thing- I shrink you to humiliate and taunt you so you can be the little man you are! You’re helpless and small like Thumbelina. Now I’m in control of you. I can dress you up in little fairy wings and keep you as a pet. I plan on taking you on travels with me and allowing other witches humiliate you when I show you off. You’ll have all sorts of tiny Polly Pocket clothes and live in a small bird cage. I used to turn mortals like you into pets, but then I hated all the upkeep. This way, you’re self-sufficient cleaning up after yourself and it only takes one cheerio to feed you a meal. I solidify how small you are in comparison and all the tasks I can give you that would be so hard to accomplish in this small body. I could have you cleaning my floors, tubs, etc. It would take weeks to get even a small amount done. Now that I have you as the size you deserve to be, I’m off to get all the things I need to keep you locked up! – TheTabithaJane Leaks Free Download