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[1.20 GB] FHD – Tour of My Super Worn Leggings – TheTabithaJane (1080×1920)

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08:14 min Full Video – Tour of My Super Worn Leggings Leaked Video I know how much you like my used and worn clothes, so in exchange for you buying these off of me (literally), I’ll be modeling and showing them off for you one last time. You can see and smell the wear of these olf leggings. They hold my scent really well since they are fleece lined inside. I like how aroused and sexually frustrated it makes you. Let’s take a tour of them! I tell you a little bit about each one and how I got them dirty, the things they may smell like and all the signs of wear or tear. Some have holes, some are worn thin and almost see through. It’s a dream come true for you. I change into each new pair for you and model their imperfections that make them perfect for you. Lucky for you, you’ll be buying and walking away with all 4 pairs today. You find yourself struggling with all the sexiness of every pair. It gets increasingly hard but eventually you can’t hold it in. As I finish modeling my last pair you cum all over. Since you got so excited you ended up cumming though, you’ll owe me an extra $100 for having to witness it. – TheTabithaJane Leaks Free Download