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[156.35 MB] HD – Team viewer Temptress: Level 10 – mygoddessanastasia (480×854)

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11:57 min Full Video – Team viewer Temptress: Level 10 Leaked Video Sit back and submit to TOTAL COMPUTER CONTROL Ever wonder what it would feel like to give up control of your computer to a real Goddess? Just imagine the complete powerlessness you will feel when you submit to Level 10: “Total Takeover” You will no longer have any control over your computer privileges. If you need to log on, you will have to seek permission from me. You may even have to bribe me to allow you to log on. I will determine when you are allowed online, what websites you are allowed to access, the ability to remove and install programs such as keylogging software (which you will pay for) to monitor your every keystroke, and installing payment enforcement software that will not allow you to log onto your computer unless you pay your monthly tribute. I will not only remove your files and photos and build my own file on YOU, You won’t be able to stop Me, nor will you be able to give up your addiction to letting Me take control of your computer, and your life!

If interested in a Teamviewer session, sign up below at the following link: mygoddessanastasia/teamviewer-takeover-control-and-lockdown


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