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06:55 min Full Video – SPH | Ultimate Bratty SPH Leaked Video You and I have been attracted to each other but the timing was never right until now. You and I have a sleepover with just the two of us. We watch movies and hang out all night. In the morning I decide take a shower and when I come back in the room I find you naked. You kept asking me if we’re going to fuck right after we started the sleepover. I kept saying maybe / I’m not in the mood because I wanted to make you wait. You idiodically ask again and now we’re both naked. Once I see how disgustingly small your dick is, I tell you how freaked out I am by your pinky dick and revolted by your existence overall. I decide to take things more entertaining and send the dick pic I took of you to my best bratty girl friends so they can chime in on what they think. I read the vicious replies and laugh at you. I tell you to put your dick away and leave before I get sick. – thegoldenhunty Leaks Free Download