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[2.26 GB] FHD – Latex Babe’s CUCKOLD – Shannon Heels (1080×1920)

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37:30 min Full Video – Latex Babe’s CUCKOLD Leaked Video You’re a PERVY roommate aren’t you? I’m just getting ready for a good FUCKING with my BF, and you’re PEEPING on me putting my NYLON STOCKINGS on, my red LATEX DRESS, my long red LATEX GLOVES, and my shiny red HIGH HEELS. I want to get myself riled up and ready for when my hunk of a man boyfriend comes over, so I start STROKING MY PUSSY and getting it ready wet and my CLIT hard. Then… to no surprise from me, I see you watching me and feeling up the bulge (little) bulge in your pants. You NAUGHTY pervy boy. If you’re going to stand there and WANK over me, I want you where I can see you… Come in, and sit there… In the corner. I want you to WATCH ME getting FUCKED! I want you to see how a real sexy couple fucks, and you’re going to WISH that I was SUCKING and fucking your PATHETIC cock. Yeah you wish you could LICK my pussy, and lap up my ARSE juice. You wish it was your cock that I was CUMMING all over. Well it isn’t, and you are going to be a good boy and wank that PUNY cock of yours until I say otherwise. Now… You are going to be my permanent CUCK!! No fucking for you… I want you watching me everytime I get fucked. And If you don’t do as I say, I’m going to tell the landlord and get you chucked out the flat… So, do we have a deal?

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