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[432.51 MB] FHD – Fatso Gets Bullied Part 2 – Majesty Natalie (1080×1920)

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16:42 min Full Video – Fatso Gets Bullied Part 2 Leaked Video Oh look, Its the 800 lb fat blimp again!!! You look sooo much fatter than the last time, LOL. How do you let yourself get so huge!? You’re so disgusting. Too fat for a sidewalk. Your gut hangs past your knees, EWW! Hahaha. You struggle to get up out of chairs, and even your bed! You deserve to be called names and bullied. You’re nothing but a fatso, whale, fatman, and disgusting blob! How embarrassing is it that you’re so fat and out of shape that a girl 1/7 your size can beat your ass? Look how easy it is for me to jump and run around, all things that would send you to fall through the floor!!! You get SO TURNED ON by my red bra and panties…yet you can’t even properly jerk off. LOL. Bullying you is too much fun. XXX This was a custom clip order. If you’d like to see Princess turn your fantasies into a reality…order a custom clip from Me! Go to my personal site to find out how. – Majesty Natalie Leaks Free Download