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[185.18 MB] FHD – LOSER EDGING MANTRAS – Surrenderdoll (1080×1920)

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16:49 min Full Video – LOSER EDGING MANTRAS Leaked Video This Video was a special custom creation for a pathetic super Loser (no name used in video so it could easily be you)

Perhaps you’re a loser too? Have you just been dumped because you weren’t good enough? Has your girlfriend moved onto better and bigger things?

Let me show you your real destiny. You’re not going to be anybody’s “boyfriend”. We know that’s not what you’re meant for. We know you’re inferior. We both know what you really are. Lets give you some mantras so you never forget.

Subtle themes of Findom , Cuckold Slavery, Identity re-structuring – but mainly this is humiliation & inferiority focused to edge and cry to. – Surrenderdoll Leaks Free Download