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[411.23 MB] HD – Celestress 4 President: A Femocracy – mastercelestress (1080×1916)

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13:41 min Full Video – Celestress 4 President: A Femocracy Leaked Video Scenario;
It has just be announced that Master Celestress Amberion has been won the election after a long campaign. Cheers of excitement and looks of confusion from men are scattered throughout the crowd as she arrives at the induction ceremony to make her honorary speech to the People. A dominatrix as president? How can it be? Maybe it’s because of her beauty, her promises or the sheer understanding that it is time to place the leadership role into the hands of a woman who can make anyone do as she says.
Now, she walks up to the podium to let the world know that change is coming and men won’t be soon enough. – mastercelestress Leaks Free Download