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[1.81 GB] FHD – Catwoman’s Claws – Star Nine HD – Star Nine (1080×1920)

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24:37 min Full Video – Catwoman’s Claws – Star Nine HD Leaked Video You’ve been struggling in her ropes and now Catwoman arrives to toy with you. Were you just trying to be a hero, or were you fantasizing about what would happen if she got her claws into you? Your hard cock points towards the latter.

Catwoman releases your cock from your pants and relentlessly teases you, squishing your balls with her pointy high heels, rubbing up against your hard cock in her tight catsuit. Eventually the gloves come off and Catwoman reveals her claws, alternately stroking and scratching the delicate skin on your engorged cock. She brings her warm wet lips so close, sometimes even slightly brushing the skin. Just when you think she’s about to wrap her mouth around it she backs off, leaving you tied up with your cock out to struggle for release.

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Includes super villain, femdom pov, tease & denial, boots, finger nail fetish, hand fetish

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