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06:46 min Full Video – Fat loser neighbor is getting trained Leaked Video I have noticed that this new neighbor got his eyes on me, but he isnt my type at all so I didnt even look at him. Today he came to my condo to shoot his shot, he wanted to ask me out. I had to laugh so bad at first I thought its a bad joke, but then I reaalized he is serious. I got really angry how dares this fat broke ugly loser ask me out? I would never date a loser like him! He can smell my dirty feet nothing else..

After I made him smell my dirty and filthy feet I commanded this loser to lick my feet clean! I didnt let him stop till they were completely clean. He made me very mad tho because he wasnt obedient enough so I will definetely punish him.

After I wanted to laugh him out some more so I put him on a leash and I gave him different orders. I made him croll after me like some worm and kiss every of my foot step. – Zia_regal Leaks Free Download