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[3.95 GB] 4K – 4K New Shoes Collection & Smoking – Kira Star (2160×3840)

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26:07 min Full Video – 4K New Shoes Collection & Smoking Leaked Video Custom Clip: Kira Star – Trying On High Heel Sandals. Kira uses a ponytail and circular rings. Blue jeans pants would be nice. Kira chooses her makeup, but she will be smoking a white cigarette and trying on 7 or 8 different high-heel sandals in this custom clip. Please, no pantyhoses or socks. Please, let we see your feet skin. Please, in some moment(s), slide the filter of the cigarette over one of your ankles or over the top of one of your feet. Use a short black whip to tap some of the sandals’ heels. Please, show your face, the cigarette and the high-heel sandals. Please, prize the seated position. In some moments, stand up and step one of your feet with sandals over a bench or stool, highlighting the high heels. Please, show your sandals close to the camera, and also show your face close to the camera, smoking the cigarette, in other moments. Kira, it would be very nice if you held one sandal close to your face while smoking, exposing its beauty, and maybe sliding the cigarette over the heel surface, close to the camera lenses.

Clip Contains: smoking, smoker, cigarette, femdom, redhead, shoes, heels, foot fetish, custom.   

4K resolution not recommended for playback on old/slow pc, laptop, smartphone. – Kira Star Leaks Free Download