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[875.96 MB] FHD – Remote Controlled Sex Toys – JamieTT (1080×1920)

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08:58 min Full Video – Remote Controlled Sex Toys Leaked Video I want to control you and mess with you for real, with my list of app controlled sex toys you can buy right now we will get one step closer to you feeling my wrath and power..

Just imagine a session where you are locked in place, unable to move without getting electrocuted. Those electrode pads are stuck in place and you can feel the current running thru them. That dick could be locked into a chastity device that I control and I could literally fuck your ass till you beg me to stop. You will be feeling that urethral stick pulsating inside your cock, you won’t be able to stop it and to top all this off I could be inside your phone or PC hacking it, going thru all your files and threatening to do things..

How hot will your session be with me and all these app controlled sex toys that I can control? – JamieTT Leaks Free Download