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[2.75 GB] FHD – Seduced into Prostate Massage- turned in – Wynter Azure (1080×1920)

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17:53 min Full Video – Seduced into Prostate Massage- turned in Leaked Video I think it’s time to take O/our relationship to the next level! How about some light fingering? I tell you to strip down & I snap on a pair of gloves. you’re shocked, confused, you don’t understand what I mean… you’re getting fingered- did you think I meant you’d be fingering ME? I told you, I’m not into vanilla stuff! If you aren’t interested, that’s fine- no loss for Me. If you can’t play this non-conventional way than you get nothing. This would really open your mind, your body was made to receive pleasure anally! you have a prostate afterall! After some convincing you give in, you don’t want to disappoint or lose Me. you lay down & have trouble relaxing at first… I have you take some deep breaths so that ass isn’t so tight. I lube up and get in there- soon I’m touching your prostate and you’re shocked how good it feels. I get two fingers in and start really massaging that prostate. you feel more open minded than you ever have, you feel a world of possibilities opening up… I told you- you like it, you’ll like the lifetime of submission this opens you up to as well! That’s right, I’m going to be your FemDom & you will be My little submissive! I told you- I’m not into vanilla sex, I’m not into conventional dating. If you want Me in your ass again, rubbing your prostate with My beautiful tits out in front of you- than you’ll commit & submit! This is what you’ve always wanted, I have you convinced that this was alllll your true fantasy. I instruct you to jerk your cock while I continue cramming My fingers into your ass– an orgasm is what you need to really bind you to this life, to really mind fuck you into commiting to this new lifestyle. I give you the new rules of conduct while you stroke and I massage that p-spot. – Wynter Azure Leaks Free Download