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10:50 min Full Video – The Creation of a Goddess Leaked Video I’ve just been left by my boyfriend and feeling absolutely pissed off. I can’t believe that he broke up with me when everybody knows that I was way too good for him. He is just lucky that he got to it first, I was planning on dumping him anyway. As a treat to myself I’ve decided to go to a small sanctuary hidden deep within a mountain town. The seclusion feels nice and I love exploring the beautiful artwork shown here. I think the people here must have worshiped the female form by how much they have in tribute to them. There are beautiful paintings, statues, dolls and more all dedicated to women and for some reason the men here are always shown in smaller versions.
Honestly, this place has me feeling like a total Goddess. It’s how things should always be. Women at large and men bowing to be in their presence and dedicating their lives to worshiping them. This is exactly the place that I needed to be after that stupid break up. The men here are lucky that it’s not busy season because if I had to tour around with men everywhere I don’t know what I would do. Probably something extremely emasculating and I’m not sure how the men would respond. However, in a place like this, they would probably just accept it as the way of things. Women are truly in control of this city. Well, since it’s low season I was able to get a private tour where I can walk by myself through the art and truly experience it’s beauty at large.
However, I can’t help but notice that sparkling pool of water just out of reach in the courtyard. The signs ask visitors to not enter but it really has my curiosities peaked. I guess it’s normal to have a tour guide but since it’s so slow they just allowed me to wander and I don’t see any cameras here… I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I just take a closer look at the water! It’s so blue and cool looking and this isn’t really a church so it can’t be holy water, can it? There is so much water just sitting there and honestly I could use refreshment, or just something to wet my skin with. It’s a hot day and I also feel it calling to me. Like I said, I feel like I was meant to be here for some reason.
Before I know it I find my feet bringing me to the cool spring and dipping my fingers in. The waters coolness engulfs my fingers and I can’t tell if the tingling is from the chill or from something else, something magical. I want to dive in, surround myself in the spring water and embrace my true Goddess but something holds me back. I grab a handful and step away out of fear of being caught. Just a little bit won’t be noticed. Somehow this magical water doesn’t drip out of the palms of my hands. It remains like a sparkling reservoir holding immense feminine secrets. It calls to me to ingest it and as I lift my hands to my lips I know that nothing will ever be the same again. I can’t turn back now, I consume the liquid and feel my skin stretch and tingle with growth. What is happening to me! A birth of a Goddess has started, and this is just the beginning. – SerephDoll Leaks Free Download