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[903.95 MB] FHD – Pilates Sock Worship of Size 11 Feet – Wynter Azure (1080×1920)

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06:05 min Full Video – Pilates Sock Worship of Size 11 Feet Leaked Video you can’t get enough of My size 11 feet- you’re hopelessly addicted. You’ll even worship them in My non-skid Pilates socks that look like little ballet slippers. My feet are powerful tools to control you, you’re weak for these feet. They trigger you into submission, just seeing them makes you want to submit to Goddess. My socks are dirty from walking around the house, but you don’t care- you’ll lick these socks from heel to toe. You’ll worship My feet in -any- footwear, it doesn’t matter to you…. you just want to be close to them! You’re so lucky to be able to worship them, to be triggered by them… you need My size 11 feet, you need to serve your Goddess! – Wynter Azure Leaks Free Download