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[858.82 MB] FHD – Dream Of Amina – Phase 1: Seduction – Miss Amina (1080×1920)

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20:02 min Full Video – Dream Of Amina – Phase 1: Seduction Leaked Video *** This is a custom order; no names were used ***
[This is a fully loopable clip with no intro or outro meant to be watched/listened to before bed and/or throughout the night.]
You want me. You crave me. You can hardly focus on anything else all day. You need to escape, but it’s so distracting with her around. Where can you go?
There’s only one place you can truly be alone with me, safely surrounded by my beautiful control and merciless seduction: deep within your subconscious mind. I’ve already implanted myself in your psyche, and now you’re going to bury me deeper.
Play me over and over again, doze off to my slowly gyrating curves, and listen to the lullaby of my voice as you dream the night away. She’s only inches from you, but I’m within you. And my seduction is ever-lasting.
Audio only version coming soon! – Miss Amina Leaks Free Download