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[385.43 MB] HD – Worshipping The Sweet and Cruel – yourdommeAmanda (720×1280)

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06:10 min Full Video – Worshipping The Sweet and Cruel Leaked Video It amazes you how deceiving I can be. My face shows that I would be a sweetheart, but the words that come out are something different. With such a beautiful face, I entice you in. You listen and hear Me talk about My starvation for power and control, how I feed off of men such as yourself. I love seeing you abide by My words so easily. You see, pretty girls do always get what they want, but when she’s also power hungry, she rules the world. Worshipping Me in My entirety is a gift, serving Me is the answer. So sweet and cruel, but so addicting you’ll always come back. – yourdommeAmanda Leaks Free Download