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[1.88 GB] FHD – Men Are DISPOSABLE – Mistress Alexxxia (1080×1920)

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12:40 min Full Video – Men Are DISPOSABLE Leaked Video You are obsolete.

But you have to know that, right? Look at all that you’ve done, to allow everyone in your gender to diminish in value from your actions. And it’s all because your dick governs every move you make. You’re mindless, impulsive, and stupid creatures, and because of your own faults, you’ve only aided in Women rising to be the Dominant gender.

The concept of the “alpha male” is deceased and buried. And it’s all your fault.

Now, you have only two options as Divine Feminine power sweeps the world: devote to a life of servitude, or become more invisible with each passing second. The world is a beautiful place now, one where men pay for a woman’s attention and are replaced with dildos in a mere trip to a shop. You’re disposable now, but you still need a purpose to be worth anything at all.

Take a wild guess at what path you have no choice but to take…

Repeat My affirmations. Gaze in awe at My curves. Feel your knees sinking to the floor. And get ready to hear the click of a clasp around that throat. It’s all you’re good for now. – Mistress Alexxxia Leaks Free Download