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06:41 min Full Video – My Human Foot Stool Leaked Video **This was an ordered Custom Clip. Names have been removed** We’re having a little talk about how you’ve been My human foot stool for awhile now. You know that this is the only way you can be close to Me and that I’m not even slightly interested in you in any other way. You’re truly grateful and honored for the time we spend together each week where I use you, ignore you, and you show Me just how grateful you are by showering Me in gifts every time. You’re propped on the floor, naked and on all fours, obedient and patient while I do whatever I please. Truly, this is the highlight of your entire week and you know you’ll keep coming back because you’re obsessed with Me and find Me extremely beautiful. Being My human foot stool is better than not having Me in your life, so you’ll take what you can get. – yourdommeAmanda Leaks Free Download