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05:22 min Full Video – Sheared Bitch Leaked Video I am having your hair cut off to show everyone that I’m going to make you my totally obedient bitch. The male ego is going to be wrecked along with any self confidence you have as you are going to look like a cock-sucking pin-dick. If anyone asks what the fuck happened, you will need to tell them that I am considering training you as my cuck, so it needed to be done as a reminder that I make the decisions on everything now. You will thank you for the humiliation and beg me to let you keep your new look to show respect to Me . You understand that once I have you sheared, there will be no turning back on total reprogramming mentally and physically. More of an it than a man, collared and renamed to reflect My total control. When I get done with you, I imagine your g.f. will leave you out of shame. She is out of town for 3 weeks and is in for quite a surprise. You understand that you are no longer going to be having sex, as no one is going to be fucking your pindick. The best you can hope for is a debt contract and dress code. To be locked and plugged and broken down until I am satisfied that you understand your new place as my bitch. – Goddess Taura Leaks Free Download