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[557.99 MB] FHD – Freedom To Goon – GOONER MINDFUCK REPROG – Candy Glitter (1080×1920)

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10:29 min Full Video – Freedom To Goon – GOONER MINDFUCK REPROG Leaked Video Best enjoyed with headphones. I am about to set you free. Listen closely as I guide you towards your truth. In order to truly goon, you must first give up everything else. Break free from the chains that are holding you back. You need this. You must first remove any attachments you have to friendships, activities and hobbies. Your only purpose is gooning. Your mind is breaking free from the conventional programming that society has placed upon you. You are happiest when you are pumping your aching throbbing cock. You want to be a hand humping porn addict. I am going to overwrite the programming that society has placed upon you. You don’t need a “normal” life. Normal is boring. You want a gooner life. You want to commit to your porn addiction. Allow yourself to commit to the gooner life for Princess Candy. Goon for Princess Candy. Obey Princess Candy. Give up everything else, and then you will be free to goon. Your hand will no longer be able to leave your cock, your eyes are permanently fixated on porn, but you are free. This clip will deeply mindfuck you into accepting your gooning habits. – Candy Glitter Leaks Free Download