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[58.97 MB] HD – Slave Training Reprogramming – mygoddessanastasia (240×426)

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32:54 min Full Video – Slave Training Reprogramming Leaked Video I have hijacked your brain, and I will own you. You will belong to Me. You will do everything that I say. I will annihilate your male ego, transforming you from an alpha male who is in control, to a sniveling little beta male bitch, leaving you powerless and submissive. With a snap of My fingers, you will do whatever I ask, no matter how humiliating and degrading. I will latch onto your brain and you will have no choice but to obey Me, and you will belong to the Cult of Anastasia, living to worship and serve Me.

I will mesmerize you with induction techniques, bringing you to a point of deep relaxation and receptivity. Then I will implant trigger words to br@inwash you to become my obedient slave.

As a practicing witch, I will enchant you into submission to fall completely under my spell to obey my every desire. Included is specially chosen background music, the tones of which help to induce a state of meditation and to create a more receptive state to deep suggestion. This downloadable MP3 will allow you to listen as you rest for more powerful reprogramming. 30 minutes.

This femdom mesmerize audio is constructed to reprogram the listener. Isochronic tones are used so headphones are necessary to receive the full effect. Beware: Listening to this audio may cause behavior modifications, so do not listen unless you are prepared to accept responsibility for its results. Do not operate machinery or drive after listening to such audio. Do not watch and/or listen if you have any sort of mental illness, or are prone to seizures.

Write and direct your perfect femdom fantasy starring Me, your True Goddess! You can choose what I wear, if I use your name, props, etc. Order a custom clip from Me tailored to your Desire NOW! – mygoddessanastasia Leaks Free Download