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[1.93 GB] FHD – Fem Girls Night – SorceressBebe (1080×1920)

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20:29 min Full Video – Fem Girls Night Leaked Video Custom Clip Description:
feminization video where you encourage me to come out to girls night and treat me like one of the girls. Start by describing what you want me to wear to look like a passable girl. Give me a girly name to match the persona. describe what the girls night out will be like. Would ideally start with group of girlfriends going to a karaoke bar, where you encourage me to sing and dance to really girly songs to get in the mood. Talk about how I’ll have to act really feminine to fit in with the group. The night would ideally end by going to a club where you encourage me to strut in my heels and dress, dance with guys, and eventually hook up with them. this should be an encouragement clip, but feel free to improvise and tease me a little, and treat me like your new girl friend. Can refer to me in really feminine ways like bitch, princess, honey, missy, etc. You should tell me not to be nervous because you’ll be by my side, and will teach me how to speak, walk, act and dance like the perfect hot girl – SorceressBebe Leaks Free Download